Bidtrack Activ

Our most-affordable 'entry level' system is powered by that highly advanced feature at the heart of all Bidtrack Tracking Systems - their ability to 'talk back' to Bidtrack 24-Hour Control. This Active Tracking hallmark is the key to our enviable Recovery Rate and renowned level of Client Satisfaction.
Peace-of-Mind Vehicle Positioning delivered within seconds of Client Request.

Bidtrack Probable-Theft-In-Progress Alerts

  • Vehicle Battery Disconnect - often indicates a crime in progress 
  • Automatic Backup Battery Activation 
  • National Border Approach - counters 'illegal export' of vehicles 
  • Verification instantly sought from the Vehicle Owner 
  • Alerts accompanied by Vehicle Positioning 
  • Activation of Beacon Transmitter for final pinpointing of 'distress signals'

Bidtrack Tracking Unit Self-Test 

  • Automatic Testing - no added responsibility for Vehicle Owner 
  • Results regularly transmitted to Bidtrack 24-Hour Control 
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